Can YOU beat this robot at an easy obby?

ohhh that sounds like a sick idea!

Anyway i’m taking this thing too seriously, here’s a clip of me trying to “speedrun” it. This is kinda fun!


glad that I made a game that u have fun at!

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I have suggestion for next Bot v2 idea.

  1. Make obby
  2. Speedrun your obby
  3. Make bot record all of your movements and save them
  4. New unbeatable bot is done.
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well 1 problem i suck at scripting lol

Dont be afraid of asking for help on forum, + i dont think its so hard.

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alr i wont be afraid, thx for the suggestions Znimator!

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I just added a simple update to the game to make it easier to race!
here are the things i added
a glass wall between the bot and u
and made it so the bot will start going when u start going!
Play now:

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Was a fun little experience, and is pretty epic! Looking forward to its development as you learn new skills. :slight_smile:

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Thx for checking out my experience out of all the games in the Metaverse!


I beat it by a little because I wall jumped.

okay i beatted the bot

ohh u are indeed an obby obby master!

u sure are better than be at obbys lol

I beat him, It’s not hard at all, but it’s good keep it up :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Wow good job at beating the bot!

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I can’t, he starts moving before I even spawn in.

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The bot starts when u start moving, try restarting.

I beat the bot easily took me a couple of tries though because of the guessing part but besides that it was easy.

u are indeed an obby obby master