Can YOU beat this robot at an easy obby?

Hello today i bring an epic game where theres a bot and u race them on an easy obby
if u decide to play it then please respond if the robot beat you, or u beat the robot(also the game is un copylocked soo yeah make fun of my script organization lol )

play here: Robot Obby Racing Game - Roblox


also i couldn’t beat the bot :frowning: he’s too good

It is near impossible to beat the bot reason being, it has a headstart before you can even load, please make a start line for when to start the bot.


ok thx for the report i’ll try to fix that!

ok fixed that! Sorry for any inconveniences

Image from Gyazo


image wont load for me, can u describe it?

Bot fell and got stuck 2 times.

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oh ok thx for the report again

It’s hard because of things like guess the path gameplay. It should be more skill based.

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i cant make that happen where the player can make it start without it glitching so i just made the bot wait like 5 seconds then starts

I did beat the bot and it was really easy because it slowed down at the multiple-way part. Anyway very good job, it isn’t really that easy to create things like that, keep it up.


There should be a solution to this.

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Yes, I beat the bot at first try. I am fairly well at obbies lol. And the fact that the bot can’t do wrap arounds makes it easier for me to win :sunglasses:

Also i noticed it stopped for a second at the 3 color platforms. Anyways!! Job well done!


wow im just trash at the obby huh lol

Its a pretty good idea, but at the guess the path the robot slowed down and It was easy for me to beat him to the path he was going to take.

But dude this is so cool, I would play this if it was a real game!

oh and, i won easily.

Did you mean to Open Source the game though?


I did mean to open source the game, so yeah im fine if u make fun of my script organization

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Also why does it damage you when you touch its body?

You can also catch a ride on its head…

idk i just did that so people wont touch the bot lol


I won, but I randomly got damaged twice along the way to the end.

Something cool to add would be a part of the map that the player can only go and another part of the map where only the robot can go. Like a spliting area where you are racing but on different obbys and can see each other. :slight_smile:

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