Can YOU beat this robot at an easy obby?

Hello everyone. A few months ago I made this game where you can race a robot. I’m looking for feedback on the edits I did. Here is the link to the game: Robot Obby Racing Game - Roblox
If you beat the robot then tell me.


hi, i tested the game. i liked the concept of fighting against a bot, i think i didn’t see that idea anywhere.

there are a few things you can improve:

  • Make any GUI invisible while on the loading screen (That would look better.)

  • Despawn all tickets when a round ends. Also, don’t make them spawn on the uncollidable parts, or else you have to die to get the ticket.

  • The death barrier should be higher, if you fall once you pretty much lost the round.

  • The obby felt a bit short, it could have been longer.

  • In the shop, remove the standard image from the ImageLabel and make the Equip button invisble until you clicked an item. (That’s also for design purposes)

  • The lobby feels a bit plain, add some more stuff to it, insert music or make it smaller.

If you have any questions regarding this, like how you can fix them, feel free to ask!


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll take that into consideration.


The robot beated me, you deserved the like for that AI

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i beat the robot,
i did the the classic map
that map was a bit boring
are you the owner
(kinglol123468 ~= BIack1st) = true
add images
change Description

I did. This is just an alt account.

thank you. It uses pathfinding service.

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can the player have 1 move speed more
because if you make a mistake you cant win anymore

the game feels repeated
click play select map
win or lose
click return
maybe instead of click retun it can be
click return or rematch

also, add more difficulties


Got two wins just now. Also here’s a bug:

I spawned in the air.


I think it’s supposed to be like a bribe sort of thing. Like “come to this block for ticket!” but then you fall through it.

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Found another bug. In the “apocalypse” map, the robot got stuck on a stair or something in the middle of the map, allowing me to go past him and win. Once I stepped on the win brick and went back to the robot, he detected me there and started walking again. Fix this

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The game has a ton of buts huh? I’ll try to fix all of them.


I agree with @Qin2007:

I’ve been replaying this one map over and over and a “rematch” button would be so much faster then “Go back to lobby, Play, Choose Map, Start”

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Tu for all the suggestions. I’ve gone ahead and done most of these. Again, thank you.