Can you become a regular during a strike?

Recently, I commented a bad paragraph next to staff feedback because my posts kept getting flagged. I was suspended for a day, and I am asking if theres a chance to become a regular during a strike. I am assuming that it is possible, its just a matter of time. I want this chance so I can do a lot more on the forums.

No you cant you need to wait before the strike expires I think.

First of all, being ranked up to a Regular has been put on hold since the Post Approval process has been deprecated. You have to wait for them to find a new replacement for this process before moving on.

If you got a strike, I would say that it’s still possible, but you have to wait until the strike expires. It would lower your chances, but it’s still possible.


These are the requirements for becoming a Regular (I am a Regular myself, so trust me :wink:):

  • Have a few likes and make contributive posts
  • Create topics in Platform Feedback often (currently impossible, wait until DevRel implements a new system)
  • Have a clean moderation history (since you got suspended, you have to wait at least 3-4 months so the strike actually gets removed)
  • Be active on the forum (as far as I know, there are people that got promoted in 1 month once they gained membership)

Anyway, have a nice day!

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I’ve also got a warning before too. Does a warning count as a moderation history? Because I am asking if a devforum warning counts as moderation history.

While warnings are a Discourse feature they aren’t used here. You just get feedback. Feedback won’t go against you, but an unreasonable amount might prevent automatic promotion to regular. Fun fact in about the second month of my first strike over a year ago I was promoted to regular still, so I guess you just need a reasonably outdated moderation history.

Wait so that means it’s currently impossible to get regular?

Yes. That is what he means. for now

This question has been asked before recently and it also addressed strikes:

I don’t think this needs another topic, the situation has not changed.