Can you DevEx 250k R$ or more with BC?

I heard that you don’t need OBC to cash-out 250,000 R$ or more?

Is this true?


(Sorry about this being the wrong area to post - I only have permission to post on Development Support)

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Not sure but the OBC requirement still applies, It didn’t mention TBC or BC though.

Yeh, I noticed that. If it is true though, it will save most developers the trouble of having to buy OBC every time we need to use DevEx

You need OBC for every level.
If you’re making 250k Robux it shouldn’t be an issue.

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As Opplo stated, OBC is required for every payout tier.

Please refrain from doing this.

Similar to the suggestions in the rules about contacting the Top Contributors to make a bug report thread for you, I would suggest messaging either of the Top Contributors if you have a question, or one of the various staff members. Not purposefully making a thread in an area it’s not supposed to be…

As far the question at hand though.
One of the DevEx Requirements is to have OBC, so, no. You cannot DevEx 250k R$ as a BC/TBC Member.
Also remember, DevEx is a privilege. Just because you have 250k R$ does not mean you’ll automatically be allowed to cash it out. Especially because certain means of making money are non-cashable (i.e. profiting from limiteds)


They should really remove the obc requirement after you’ve completed your first devex


Okay thanks