Can you Devex robux made from Talent Hub?

I was wondering if you are eligible for Devex using robux that you have gotten from Talent Hub, as I’m not sure if it counts as Earned or not.

The way I get payments through Talent Hub is in gamepasses on one of my games; once I have shown them my finished work, they pay me and then I sent them the file. I’m just wondering if you’re allowed to trade this?

Sorry if this is the wrong section of the forum, I’m still somewhat new to posting here


In general,
All robux of your account can be DevExed. That means even if you buy all these robux for your own money you still can DevEx them (Do not do it. It will be a big los).
The payment way was OK. For the next time try to get your “boss” to pay ypu over a group by using the Payout. Obviously you will be needed to have joined the group a bit earlier. On that way Roblox will not take their 30% fee.

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I don’t think all of your robux can be devexed; here’s an example from an official roblox support page:

I sold all my limited hats. Can I cash out the funds I received from selling limited items?

No. Robux acquired from trading/selling virtual items that you did not create are not considered earned.


Although it does say group funds from a game can be used, it does not mention talent hub.

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Roblox employees decide on a case by case basis whether or not the robux you are trying to devex qualifies, mostly by checking the source of the payment, where it comes from.
Any payments or earnings from work, such as through talent hub, should be devexable, but it doesn’t gurantee that Roblox won’t deny your devex request. You have no option but to try devex a lower amount or contact devrel hoping to get your issue resolved and devex successfully.

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Aslong the Robux is being seen as an “Earned Amount” it should be considered exhangeable for Developer Exhange. So yes, I’ve never used Talent Hub before, but I’m sure the system will be considered as paid and earned.

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