Can you feedback my classic roblox map (Not Finished)

Roblox Farm

Im currently working on my roblox classic farm map can you feedback it?

WARNING its not finished



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looks ok. but i kind of find the triangles and squares on the parts a bit disturbing

Thanks for feedbacking!!!

You’re most welcome, fellow developer! :wink:

Hello @RainyDreamsZzZz no offense but your map looks pretty “simple” if you want help with it I can make a farm model for you :sunglasses:

I made this map in about 10 minutes I have not finished this map yet thanks for helping me

For ten minutes it was pretty cool good luck

Don’t put studs on the wall if you want a classic look; always use studs on the top of structural parts and inlets on the bottom. For the most part, you should also keep walls smooth.

I suppose you could get away with a weld or universal surface on the faces of those hay bales.