Can you get banned for making a game like this?

  1. What do you want to achieve? I am confused if this game idea is allowed (this is the one)



  1. What is the issue? I am unsure if I could get banned for making a game like this

  2. What solutions have you tried so far? I looked around on the DevForum and nothing appeared

I am aware that R63 got banned and the models are actually trolls, and I do not want to get banned, and it will be done on my “VSCPlays” account at my group “VSC Team”

but I am unsure if I would get banned for that

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I think you should be fine as soon as its not suggestive

and one thing the girl cant be naked! (if shes naked then ur gonna be banned 100%)


I am not going to put naked girls there, also what do you mean by “suggestive”?

for example suggestive clothing or suggestive animations etc etc

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Suggestive is when you put the models in very provocative ways, like in doggy style or showing too much of skin, not directly naked but almost, or in very sexualized poses


Is this suggestive?

CC. @Bakonowychlopak123

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Nope, you won’t have problems with that model in specific!

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not really suggestive

but watch out for roblox AI moderation (the face that your model is using is commonly used in illegal roblox games)

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Hello @VSCPlays! You cannot use R63 models. If you’re making a violent game (17+), be sure to fill out the age limit questionnaire.


ok, but how come games like Ro-63 got away with it, also is this allowed

also I’m not age verified so I can’t make a 17+ game

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This isn’t a violation of the Community Guidelines.


R63 Its really baned from roblox.

you know, roblox: romantic its 17+

That its the limit:

Is this model allowed though, they don’t have those, idk what they’re called

oh, that is R6.

You cannot get banned form roblox because that. put your experience for +17. Roblox says that sadly.

I am not ID verified unfortunately, and I refuse to give roblox my ID so I can’t