Can you get banned for uploading music?

I couldn’t find a clear answer to this anywhere, so I am going to ask here.
Can your roblox account be penalised for uploading music, if let’s say the music is copyrighted? I have gotten permission from some people to upload music but if roblox flags it as copyright my account is probably still under potential risk, so what should I do?


To the extent of my knowledge, I don’t think anyone got banned for uploading copyrighted audio, they just got their audio deleted.

There may be a risk involved, but if you want to stay safe, I suggest to just wait for permission to use the music.


Okay, thank you very much, I will see if anyone else says the same first before I make a decision

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Yes you can,
If you upload an audio with copyright, your account won’t get penalized.
BUT, if you keep uploading the same audio or another audios with copyright in a short period of time, your account will get a 1-Day Ban which will increase if you keep uploading audios after you get unbanned. Roblox also detects when an audio is being modified (slowed down, pitched down…) to prevent getting copyright detected and therefore, you can also get banned for that.

The thing is that (I THINK, I REALLY DON’T KNOW), you can upload a copyrighted audio IF the length of the audio is between 1 and 6 seconds. (IM NOT SURE ABOUT THIS INFORMATION, IF SOMEONE KNOWS IF THIS IS TRUE OR NOT, PLEASE LET ME KNOW BY REPLYING THIS COMMENT)