Can you get banned for using ReShade on roblox?

Here’s the thing, the FPS Unlocker by axstin (most famous one) in the past had to remove the anti cheat from roblox, which that can result in banning. They fixed that now and it doesn’t have to, and also roblox can’t detect it easily anymore.


So it might be considered as an exploit?

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Ah, I see. But after a while I was using Reshade It just disappeared… I did not even delete the files, but I didn’t try to reinstall because I don’t have the time for it nor I am interested any longer in it. But I have no clue why It just disappeared…

When Roblox updates a whole new folder is created for the new version being installed and any files within the old version are deleted after the update. So, whenever Roblox updates you’d end up having to reinstall Reshade.


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