Can you get in trouble if a audio in-game was changed?

Players in my fanbase discovered that one of the sounds in-game changed and started playing loud inappropriate sounds; fortunately the game was in a closed testing enviroment and so not many users were affected.

After the asset was fixed by changing it, I’ve alerted the fanbase to report the uploader of the audio asset using the Report Abuse, because imagine what would happen if the game wasn’t in a closed testing enviroment and hundreds or even thousands of players heard this audio?

What terrifies me the most is that this audio was updated, not by exploiters in-game changing the asset (which shouldn’t work because of FilteringEnabled) but the audio itself on the web changed. When you play it on the web, the normal audio plays it, but when you play it in-game, a whole uncensored song begins playing and this abruptly disturbed the audience; This never happened before until now and it’s scary!

What if exploiters begin to target your game and begin doing this to many of the sound assets in your game? Does ROBLOX just blame you for not monitoring the asset daily and punish you outright? Do I have to monitor all of the sounds that I use in game instanteously now? How do you even check if the audio is updatable before using them in-game? I’m scared.


Was this a team-create game? Perhaps someone changed the audio in the game. Did this audio work as expected ingame before? There’s no functionality on the website to update an audio asset.


No, team-create is not enabled. I’m the only one who’s able to change things around in the game’s studio and I did not change the soundID of the audio, it’s the same one used before but the audio on it changed itself.

I couldn’t believe it myself either until it happened in game and people were spamming me “Aah!” and this happened a month later when I used the audio. The audio plays often too because it’s a thunder strike sound asset so people would’ve reported to me way sooner than before if the audio was a bypass at first.

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Make sure there’s no hidden scripts or anything, it could be that one of your models (if they’re not custom, or even if they’re commissioned) contains a script that swaps out audio or has a backdoor.

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If you use the ID of the audio in other games, it plays the bypass as well.

None of the sound instance’s properties that contained the ID was changed, it was the literal sound of the ID itself that was uploaded on the ROBLOX platform, that was changed. Before it would play like 2-3 second thunder strike sound effect and I’ve used that for a whole month. Afterwards, the sound on the platform changed and it included 30 seconds of bypassed content.

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Could you DM me the ID? I’d like to check it out, because that’s pretty odd.


I can confirm this is an issue, both in studio or on the website it doesn’t play the second part. Somehow they managed to crop in a second (very obscene) part to the audio that’s not being detected online or in studio, only in-game.

I tried it in my own game. This could potentially be a pretty nasty security flaw on Roblox’s side since somehow someone figured out how to include inappropriate content in a seemingly innocent audio clip that’s also been approved by the automatic (or manual) moderation system.


I’d really recommend making this a bug report (although since this bug basically affects the engine, studio, and web, I’m not too sure where to post it) using the Post Approval Process. The staff need to hear about this right away. I’m very glad you caught it and not much long-term damage was done. Thank you for finding this.