Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum

Global Rule 8

8. Do not make posts regarding Developer Forum moderation. If you disagree with moderation actions on the forum, discuss it in private with the moderators.

  • 8.1 Do not reply aggressively to moderation or feedback messages. If you want to discuss a moderation action or feedback message that you’ve received, you are expected to do so in a civil manner. Inappropriate, derogatory, or offensive replies to these messages will result in punishment.
  • 8.2 Do not abuse the Flag system to maliciously hide posts.
  • 8.3 Do not create artificial forum activity, such as using alternate accounts to like your own posts.
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Global Rule 11

11. Posts consisting of memes, puns and meme-related GIFs, should only be posted in the Lounge categories, and are not appropriate outside of Lounge. (Lounge is only accessible for Regulars)

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Global Rule 12

12. In every category except Bulletin Board, you may not post on behalf of non-Developer Forum members.

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Global Rule 13

13. Do not bump old topics. You should only reply to older topics if you have significant new information to add to the discussion.

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Global Rule 14

14. Our community is gauged for Developers aged 13 years and older. Therefore there should not be any references to illicit or extreme content anywhere on the Developer Forum. This includes (but is not limited to) adult content and use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.

  • 14.1. You may not post NSFW/adult content on the Developer Forum. Intentionality is a factor - anything that is borderline or questionably NSFW will be considered unintentional, whereas any post that is very clearly NSFW will be considered intentional. The punishments for both differ, as you can see in the Broken Rules Matrix.

Global Rule 15

15. You are not permitted to accept any kind of payment for using the Developer Forum by proxy. This includes creating topics or replies for another user. Additionally, you may not sell access to features you obtain through membership, such as Beta User features available to those in the Developer Forum. Engaging in these activities will result in immediate removal from the Developer Forum.

Post approval procedure:

  • 15.1 If you are a Member, then some categories will intercept your post and send it through to the Post Approval team for review. This process is automatic: just attempt posting directly in the category and you will be redirected for approval.

    The post approval team will then work with you to make sure your post meets category guidelines. They might ask you to make changes to your post before the topic can be approved.

    Post approval requests are processed by volunteer community members, so the process can take anywhere between 10 minutes to several days depending on availability. Please do not circumvent the post approval procedure by posting your topic in an entirely unrelated category.

    UPDATE MARCH 2020: Please read the following post on current waiting times for post approval:

    Heads-up: Post Approval has huge backlog = longer waiting times

  • 15.2 You may make topics in the Bulletin Board section for other people, provided you are not doing so in exchange for money or anything else.

  • 15.3 You may not make any other type of topic for other people.

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Global Rule 16

16. Posting the content of private sections or otherwise privileged information posted within the private sections of this forum is a severe breach of our trust in you, as both a developer and community member, and will result in your immediate removal from the Developer Forum.

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Global Rule 17

17. You may not use the Developer Forum to request donations, whether it be in Robux, real-world currency, or otherwise, or perform fundraising endeavors.

17.1 You may not use the Developer Forum to ask for or offer monetary investments, whether via Robux or real-life currency.

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Global Rule 18

18. Do not solicit other developers or Roblox employees to advertise products, services, or anything else.

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Global Rule 19

19. Do not claim credit for work that you did not create. This includes, but is not limited to: building, scripting, compositions, animations, 3D models, and artwork.

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Public Section - Rule 1

1. The updates section of the forum is readable by the public, and therefore has tighter rules regarding commenting. Normal forum rules apply, but there are several guidelines specific to this section that will be enforced strictly. Any violation of guidelines will result in immediate action.

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Public Section - Rule 2

2. No profanity whatsoever.

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Public Section - Rule 3

3. Replies to a topic must be about the subject of that topic.

  • 3.1 For example: If the topic announces a feature, do not discuss unrelated features in the same topic.
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Public Section - Rule 4

4. Stay polite! We encourage earnest discussion of topics; you may disagree completely with any number of users, systems, or practices but we trust you to present your arguments respectfully and politely. Everyone’s opinion matters!

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Public Section - Rule 5

5. The public updates section of the forum will be under strict scrutiny; if a moderator interprets that any of these rules have been violated action will be taken swiftly and with no reprieve.

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Feature Requests - Specific Rule 1

1. Please be considerate about other members who might have posted the same feature request you are asking for. Please do a quick search before posting in this section. If you see a duplicate, make sure to flag the topic and a moderator will merge the topic with the original feature request.

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Feature Requests - Specific Rule 2

2. Always remember to post under the correct sub-category!

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Feature Requests - Specific Rule 3

3. Post constructive feedback only in this section, and do not post things such as “I do not like this change.” without suggesting ways for improvement.

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Feature Requests - Specific Rule 4

4. Posts consisting of memes, puns and meme-related GIFs are not appropriate here. They may only be posted in Lounge categories (accessible to Regulars).

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Feature Requests - Specific Rule 5

5. Please make sure to read this topic before posting in the Feature Requests section:

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