Can you give feedback

Hello please give feedback to the roblox studio icon I made (for macOS Big sur)

feedback appreciated


It looks good, but there’s nothing very distinct about it. Its just the regular Studio logo on a white background. It would definitely work fine as it is, but I would still recommend doing something a bit more interesting.


I’d say if you download a image of a showcase game, make it heavily blurred and put it as the background it would suit very nicely.

Very Nice, i like it soo much!

It looks cool, but to be honest, I don’t like backgrounded pc apps. Transparents looks way cooler than others (in my opinion.). If there was Roblox Studio on mobile, then this logo will fit for Ios devices.

Summary: 8/10

Thank you for this! It’s exactly what I was looking for.

As for feedback, I sense that you were going for conformity in your application bar. I can relate. If you’d like to build on this and improve it even further; consider adding the same shadow used by other icons. I’m sure that Apple’s design guidelines can aid you in that matter.

Here’s a shot of it on my dock:

No problem, as a Big Sur user I designed this icon to make it fit to Big Sur design

Edit: today im going to make more icons and a tutorial for setting the icons

Well as you may have noticed that Roblox studio has a new avatar and this would be perfectly ok if if was last version. You can remake it but with the new icon.

No, I dont like the new logo so no new logo versions will come out

I would say it’s very clean and fits perfectly in.