Can you grant any account the rights to the Ads Manager of a group game?

The question is simple. Thank you very much for replying.

No, as far as I am aware you can’t grant ads manager rights to another account if they are in the same group.

I could be wrong, just read the documentation: Ads Manager | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

It seems like that only classical ads can be created by members of a group, correct?

Let’s say that I have 3 accounts each one with 100K Robux. Can I transfer the group ownership between the three accounts to use all 300K in the Ads Manager?

Yes, only those type of ads.

Maybe, I read the documentation and there isn’t really anything about such a thing. You could try it.

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Would it be against the ToS? There’s no transaction between accounts.

Yeah, maybe not. I can’t be too sure about this. Sorry.