Can you guys check out a beta version of a game I’m making?

So the gist of it is that it looks like a normal game, but you fall through floorboards and each time you fall through an OBBY is formed. Where it gets progressively harder. I am not finished, but would like someone to tell me how good it is so far.


Please upload these posts on “Cool Creations.” Not on Scripting Support.

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Rip first playthrough.

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Lol, that’s not supposed to happen, I’ll try fixing that later

Oops, wrong category! I’m so sorry!

Figured out why, I accidentally forgot to turn off CanCollide on the teleport pad!

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So the game idea is great, but the way the game is made isn’t

The problems
There is barely any lightning
The building needs some work
Some teleporters and death parts glitch
And R6 isn’t enabled, which is the animation everyone uses when making a obby and playing one

If you are a new developer, this is a great start, but if you actually want to make this a game to be played then fix the things I said at problems, and if you have a developer friend ask them for some tips (Also little tip from me: Make the game thumbnail more appealing, the better it looks the more chances you have people playing your game)

Also work a little on your grammar lol


The game is really frustrating, but that makes it really fun and it keeps you going. However I found a bug. I’d show you video footage but it doesn’t load, I don’t know why.
The bug happened after I fell down in front of the obby with the red parts. I couldn’t do anything there, I had to reset.

That’s mean, but okay.


Didn’t mean to be mean by any way, I was just saying it so he would notice

You didn’t need to add lol, as it is mean in this type of context – it means you’re laughing at him for his grammar. DevForum is not a place for this, please keep that in mind.

If you want to tell someone that they should work on their grammar, please be kind in saying so.


I didn’t really know it really meant that, was thinkin it was a word for comedy effect and all of that, I won’t use it anymore then

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Alright, thank you. It wouldn’t offend me if you said that to me, and I’m sure you feel the same, but people are sensitive sometimes and DevForum is against it. Thank you for understanding =)

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I honestly couldn’t care one bit, I’m glad he gave me feedback

I know, I said that people in general are sensitive sometimes, I wasn’t pointing any fingers at anyone.