Can you guys give me idea for inside home-store

I really need an idea for the inside because I don’t have any idea about it now


Let me start off by saying woah. Amazing work on the exterior so far!

Based on the images given, it looks modern-styled. Perhaps add modern furniture to keep with the style. You could add those circle things (I’m not clear with what the name of it was) with clothes on them.

That’s all I have in mind. This is probably not very helpful or of your use so good luck! :wink:

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It looks amazing. add some furniture like tables and chairs with paths between them as you go around.
shelfs on the edge walls and clothing racks as well

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:es: Puedes hacerlo como si fuera un restaurante Muy lujoso con muchas mesas algunas alfombras, masetas de plantas ETC):fork_and_knife:

:us: You can do it as if it were a very luxurious restaurant with many tables, some carpets, pots of plants ETC) :fork_and_knife:

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