Can you guys give me ideas on how to make my idea more original

I’ve worked a little bit on an idea I’ve had for a game, to summarize it is a game where the player is in a maze that changes randomly on the player, while they search for an exit. The main goal of the game is to wander the maze until you find the exit, and survive whatever threats are in the maze. The idea is that even wandering the maze would unsettle you, and possibly a monster to keep you on edge.

My issue comes with the fact there is already a game that is fairly similar to the ideas I have. It’s called The Maze (The Maze - Roblox), and it’s a pretty good game. It’s where I got some inspiration from, but i’m not trying to rip it off.

I’m aware the game hasn’t been updated in awhile, but I’m unsure if it was abandoned and making a similar but different maze game would be worth it.

Thank you

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I’d say if you want to make it, don’t let the fact that there are similar games stop you. I assume you’re not in game dev for the money. Feel free to correct me, but yeah.

That said, I don’t enjoy maze games much. I’d find a game like that quite limiting and annoying. If the player can somehow get out of being attacked, then I think more would enjoy it. Maybe the players have elemental powers. Wind can make the player move quickly or push an enemy back. Fire could burn an enemy, and ice could freeze one.

That could also lend to different maze designs. Walls of fire, ice, clouds, grass/bushes, rock, etc. My idea here is more-so for a minigame approach, not a horror game. For a horror game, I’d make a section of a game a maze, not the entire horror game. But, maybe it would work if, again, you can escape from being cornered somehow.

Thank you for your feedback

I envision the maze as a horror thing, not as much as a minigame thing. While a minigame type thing may do well, if i’m not seeing it when I think of the maze then it’s not something i would want to make, if you understand me.

The self-generating maze in question will have no dead ends, and I plan on a sprint mechanic, or atleast some movement changing mechanic to allow you to escape the monster, if there will be one.

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I’m more worried on things I can do to make my game more original as a horror maze game than a knockoff of HyperSlica’s The Maze.