Can you improve my map?

can you improve my map? i need less dislikes

this game

Well… The map has too many colors that don’t look good together, try choosing colors that actually fit together. And also try to improve the terrain.

Make the UI frames round and change the font, they’ll look much better!

You also have to pick a building style. Low poly or realistic. If you want to build low poly builss then make it look more simple. If you want to make it look realistic then add a lot of details.

I hope I helped. :slight_smile:

my building style is low details

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Maybe adding a little more detail to the UI? Also everything seems to be a bit all over the place and there seems to be a lot going on.

I would make it not all brown. It’s just not an appealing color

and this?

Your map should have more than just parts.

Add materials to the map, try to take away the brown color, and maybe make the floor grass.

i have done that the map is green and the floor is grass

You only have 5 dislikes and 4 likes, but you are concerned about the like/dislike ratio? That’s to less to say that people hate your game.

Make the UI look better.

  • Make the UI as colorful as your Game is!
  • Don’t make the UI round as others said, because your building style is also not round
  • Add gradients for the UI background
    • for transparency
    • or for color gradients
  • Change the font
  • Change UIBorder to 0