Can you index a table using an instance? furthermore, can you do this in combination with a metatable?

local players = {}

	players[player] =


I have a Player class, and I am wondering how I would use the player class, however I remembered that you can index a table using tables, so I was wondering if you could do the same with an instance, and then also use that index to call some of my methods, like :Delete() shown in the code?

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Yeah, both of what you mentioned is possible.

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Hi there,

You’re absolutely on the right track! Using instances as keys in a table is a common and powerful way to associate data with specific instances. In your case, you’ve set up a table called players to store instances of your Player class, associated with Roblox players.

The code you’ve provided for handling player joining and leaving events is a great start. When a player joins, you create a new instance of your Player class and store it in the players table using the player as the key. And when a player leaves, you can call methods like :Delete() using the stored instance.

Here’s an example of how you could use it:

local players = {}

	-- Create a new Player instance and associate it with the player
	players[player] =

	local playerInstance = players[player]
	if playerInstance then
		-- Call the :Delete() method on the associated instance

In this example, when a player leaves, you check if the associated instance exists and then call :Delete() on it.

This approach allows you to use instances as keys in a table and leverage their methods. It’s a powerful way to manage data for different in-game entities associated with players. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask. We’re here to help!

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