Can you link a gamepass with a group request

Hey so, this is more of a question and not really ‘‘how I do it’’ rather if its possible to ‘’ do it’’

I want to release a gamepass in my upcoming game that gives you a role. And ive had an idea if I can get some scripter to make it so If someone buys a gamepass, a bot, or someone in the group automatically accepts them if they are pending, Lemme put it in context:

I have a Senator gamepass > X ( user ) buys the gamepass and is pending to the senate group > some sort of bot automatically accepts them if they have bought the gamepass etc.

Thinking about it now, it seems do-able, but im still unsure.

Final reminder im not asking how to do it, Im asking if its possible to be scripted or programmed.

Should be possible with HttpService

This is definitely doable, for example this is one of the many groups that do it:

The way they do it is they have a center where players can purchases roles, and once purchased they are automatically ranked in the group.

This is Possible, I actually run Politics Views ranking bot that does this, It uses HTTP Service, to send a request to my Offiste Server (hosted on my VPS) with the Headers : AuthenticationKey, UserID, RankID and the RankingKey. Then the server recieves this data and then ranks them according to the headers.

EDIT: Will post an example of the API Usage below.


An example would be this:

local Port = 2003 -- (Example one)
local APIKey  = "some api key from the Bot Dashboard" --You can get this from the Discord Bot in my server Once purchased the API key.
local GroupID = 00 --Your GroupID
local api = require(4690204259)(Port, APIKey, GroupID) --Requires the API Module

api.setRank(userid, rankid)


api.shout("Some Shout")



api.handlerJoin(userid, true/false)

(Typed this on mobile so I might of done some stuff wrong but Most of it is correct)

There are some examples how my API would be used from ingame Requests.