Can you make a GUI Button open a website

Hello, I’m wanting to know if I can make a GUI Button (Text Button or Image Button) open a website (YouTube Video) in any possible way. Needing it for a Exploit report GUI I’m making so a button in it to show a video of how to report an exploiter

My alterative if I can’t do this is to just wait until they make it so people can upload their own videos and go from there

You can not do this. Sorry. Create a discord server / third party site where your player’s can upload exploit reports.

(Make sure to not reference the discord server / third party site in game directly because it can get your game moderated)

You can try collecting information on player’s such as their displacement per second, etc. then have manual verifies look at the data as long as some video proof of the exploiter.

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there are no ways to do this as its against the roblox tos because its forbidden the bring players outside of roblox but even if you try there wont be possible

Oof I’ll just have to wait until they make it so you can upload videos to Roblox. I already did that but I wanted players that don’t have discord or anything to be able to report it in game too. I’ll just instructions on how to get to the video manually of how to report an exploiter.

You’re allowed to reference your Discord server or a third party site in game as long as the player is not affected by the AllowedExternalLinkReferences policy.

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