Can you make ProximityPrompt disable for exact player?

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I don’t know if you can disable the ProximityPrompt feature for making some precision players not see it and not be able to use it.

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I don’t know if this is possible.

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I’ve searched everywhere and haven’t found anything about it.

Thanks for any answer, bye.

A separate topic for a similar issue seemed to have been created. Try looking at the solution of that topic and see if it helps:

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that doesn’t work I want to make it for exact players to not be clickable and not even visible

How are you going to detect the “exact player”? Do you have a Script written to point to the Player you want this script to be implemented to?

I want to make you the player to not click and don’t see it I have the player selected but I don’t know how to make the prompt not visible and not clickable

Can I perhaps see the Script of the game selecting this specific player?

promixtyprompt is automatically generated in every player’s torso and I don’t want the player it self click on him self but he can on others

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you can disable the proximity prompt from a local script

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LocalScript in starter character scripts:


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If that’s the case, then for the Script that I had provided earlier, you can just change this:

To waiting for the Player’s own ProximityPrompt:

local playerTorso = Character.Torso
      if prox:IsA(“ProximityPrompt”) then
         prox.Enabled = false

but cant the player enable the prompt from his side (client)???

If it’s disabled on the client it cannot be interacted with/enabled by the client, only an exploiter would be able to do this. To prevent exploiters from using the proximity prompt you would need to run server-side checks to prevent a player from triggering their own proximity prompt.

ok I gonna the server-side test the script u give me doesn’t work I gonna modify it and It should work…

Have you put the code inside a local script in starter character scripts? Is it giving an error?

yeah error that promixtyprompt is nil

are you doing WaitForChild(“ProximityPrompt”)? That shouldn’t be able to return nil since the rest of the code will only run when proximity prompt is not nil

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