Can you Obfuscation your code and will it work?

Hello! So lets say I encrypted my code from this, to this.

print("Hello World!")



Will This Print “Hello World!”?

Why not just try it out? Throw it in the command bar or a script in Studio, use a test mode and check your output. Would take you a few seconds to answer this question for yourself. The real question is why you’re aiming to do this in the first place and I hope you aren’t looking to shoot yourself in the foot for a silly reason like “preventing code theft” or something.


To be honest I’m just curious, I don’t think about code theft that all especially because I don’t even have a big reputation, just curious that’s all =)

Obfuscation is what your looking for.

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Can you do that? In Roblox Studio?

Also does it work and how can you encrypt it and decrypt it?

Yes. You can smash all your code into very few lines (or just one), have terrible variable names, remove spaces, make it far more complex than necessary, the list goes on. If done well, chances are no-one will try deciphering the code.


But then people will be…

Because they’ll think it’s a backdoor.


But seriously, most backdoors use like getfenv and require, and shove all of the code onto 1 line, use complicated arithmetic, and arrays. Stuff my small brain can’t understand.


I can’t think of any other reason why you would use obfuscation.

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With the correct software, people can view some game scripts. Obfuscation could discourage them from trying to understand or copy the code.

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I think I saw it once with an exploit, but Im curious, are their any other points?

The best way to handle exploiters is just to handle them on the server, by detecting if theres any traditional exploits, and good remote event security.


Encrypting your code isn’t going to make it work, Lua doesn’t read your encryption as it is in its program, what you have done is just made your code a special language that can’t be interpreted unless there is a cipher or patterns to decrypt it. If you want to obfuscate your code that would be something else.

Then how do people that use exploits or viruses us it?

Which one, Obfuscating or Encryptions?

Obfuscating to hide their code/Script Data

If you mean how do they obfuscate their scripts they either make their own obfuscator or they use one already made by somebody.

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