Can you, or can you not

Policies, terms of use question.

as far as I know it’s against the policies to create any “text”, or hyper-link texts, images, GUI Interfaces, or billboards that would ask the player to leave the game, and recommend to “go outside” the Roblox Universe.

With Audio Files, I am assuming it’s the same if the audio file would say:
For more information, please visit my

But how about:
If you would like to get more information, please search online for content xyz?

  • Would that be okay?
  • Or would that example be a violation?

I am very interested in building a game with educational content.
And some additional bonus-material would be super beneficial for the players to have.
But that content lives outside the Roblox Universe.

So what’s best practice to fully support my players and provide the best experience, while not violating the Roblox Terms of Use?

Any clarification and perhaps examples what can be done and can’t be done would be very helpful.
Appreciate any thoughts, ideas and help!

thank you so much!

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As long as you don’t specifically include 3rd-Party links, and the search query you provide is appropriate, this should technically not be a problem. I’ve seen some major puzzle games do this too, so you should be fine.

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Roblox has been recently tightening up these rules even to the point of having a website/ company name in your game can get you banned, so just to play it safe I’d just have the information say “Look it up on the wiki”, or “Find the rest of this information from your trustworthy news source”. Without referencing any company or telling any means on how to access it. It seems to be the only time you can include external sources is either by having a very vague hint or by putting the link into the game’s links section.

That sounds wonderful. I would love to get an “official” answer to make sure I am not running into any problems and my account will be “banned” before I know it.

An absolute concrete and official answer and clarification on this subject would be highly appreciated.
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The Games Link Section is a good point.
So that’s obviously allowed. But then, here is another question.

Can you create an Audio File, Video, Image or Text that would say:

  • Check out my Profile’s Social Media Links from my Roblox Game’s links section?

Especially when Videos will be possible to upload. If it’s my footage, I would love to add my authentic note to it. Like on YouTube, you can mention and name literally anything, as long as you are the Creator.

Not being able to mention anything, not having any context in your game to some degree, it makes it really very difficult for Creators to find “organic alternatives” to market and promote all their hard work that’s also connected with the game creation.

Sure, you can “pay” for Advertising. But I am sure, the vast majority of Creators don’t have the funds and rather start with any free “organic” promotional options. Those “free” options would be really amazing to have and yes, I would say it would be very encouraging for all Robloxian Creators.

I’m sure you can make an audio file saying to click on the game links or your profile links, as that’s using an official Roblox source, or even create a Devforum thread, but I recommend you to not include any company names or any instructions for navigating a site other than Roblox’s official ones, as there’s been many cases where there have been vague bans relating to offsite links. Even then, you will probably be OK if you say “YouTube” or “Twitter” as they are websites included in the game links section, but then again you never really know how the moderation or rules relating to this topic could change or be perceived.