Can you play more than one animation in a non humanoid object?

I’m making a companion system for a game which don’t use humanoids, but of course I would like for them to have a run animation when the player walks around. I found that in my previous experience working with pets without humanoids that they can only play a single animation. That being the walk animation, and I found that I also cannot play an idle animation.

Is it possible for a rigged non humanoid NPC to have a full set of animations? Such as walking, punching, idle and more. Or would I HAVE to use a humanoid. I would preferably not use a humanoid since every player has the ability to equip 2 companions at the same time. So a lobby of 20 players having 2 companions equipped means 60 humanoids + a few quest NPCs. This already is causing performance issues as animations do not load in for some players whilst other players can see it.


Hm well I personally think you should add a humanoid root part to the nps. I mean what if one of the npc actually needs humanoid? But hey this is just my opinion.

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