Can you remove players head

When you remove the players head your character normally dies and I wanted to see if its possible to remove it without the character dying.

here is the answer to your question. Do you mean real life?

If you break the neck joint, or delete the head, the vanilla humanoid behavior will always trigger a death state.

I believe this behavior is specifically written under the core Roblox scripts, or the player control module.

So in short, you cannot remove the head on a regular character without it dying, unless you build a custom character system from the ground up.

Not necessarily.

If you set the head’s transparency to 1 and the face (it is a Decal named “face”) transparency to 1 you can give the illusion of a headless head.

And also disable “can collide”.

A head’s CanCollide is always set to true, no matter what changes you make to it (even if “CanCollide” was false, the head would just fall down infinitely)

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You can either make your own character system or set the head transparency to 0, no need to CanCollide false as it won’t affect to much unless the head is big.

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If you want to make an invisible head for every player that joins, make this:

Server Script:

        local head = character:WaitForChild("Head")
		repeat wait() until head ~= nil

        head.Transparency = 1
        head:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("Decal").Transparency = 1
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Start by creating a function that sets the players dead state to false every time the game is rendered then remove the head (this has to be in a server script) boom a player with no head, or you can just set the transparency to 1 and set can collide to false

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There is one exception to this, you could use collision groups.

The only parts that have their collisions forced on every frame is their HumanoidRootPart, torso and head. Collision groups is excellent for this purpose.

This is infact possible, just change the humanoidStateType to dead as false:
though this can only be done one the server, as it does not get replicated on the client

Sorry if this is an old post, but

Humanoid.RequiresNeck = false

seems to work, and this is a better idea than disabling the death state completely, which is not ideal if you want your players to be able to die/reset in your game

the only issue would be any hats or things that are attached to the head will probably fall through the floor (as they have collision off and no longer have anything holding them up)

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