Can you steal games using Team Create?

Since team create lets people go into your place, can’t the person just manually save the place to their own desktop and essentially steal the game?


Yes, I’m pretty sure people can save a game via Team Create. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

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Yes, people can simply save the place as a file with everything in it, so be careful when giving access! Make sure to do a thorough background check / interview if the game is important, most people with sufficient skill levels will not bother stealing the game if they are capable of similar creations, so the better skill in my experience, the less you have to worry! Stay safe dev! :+1:


Yes, they can take the game for themselves.

Be careful on who you give access to.

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Yes, it is possible. Stealing is not avoided in Studio (Team Create) and so make sure to always have a second check before giving someone the “full” access to your game.