Can you use MessagingService to send information between places?

Hey guys! I ran into a slight problem when developing a game I am working on.

It has a server creation and server ID system, which allows players to create, and then invite players into their servers.

I am currently trying to use the MessagingService to send info between my places.

My question is, can you use the messaging service to send information between places, or just servers?

If you can’t, what would be the solution to my problem?


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You can send it across places in the same universe(game)

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I assume you are familiar with how universes work on Roblox.

MessagingService sends messages between all the servers and places within the same universe. You don’t need to do anything extra to do this because whenever you send a message it automatically goes between all the places and servers.


Thanks for your response!

Yes, I do understand universes.

The only thing I didn’t understand, was if the messagingservice could communicate between them, or only across the servers of the place that called PublishAsync()

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