Can you use others clothing in roblox game?


I was wondering if I can use the paying clothes that I would use in the game. I’ve read some developer forums but in some people wrote that they can be used and in some they write that I need permission from the creator. I would appreciate an answer, thank you.

physically, you can use any clothing item you want in game. look for a plugin that loads catalog items into studio, or use the play button to save a copy of your character

ethically, clothing artists tend to have a terms of service, and they generally don’t even mention using clothes in your game because generally speaking, clothing artists don’t mind or care as a default.

however, if you’re adding customization features, and you’re letting people wear Their clothing designs in your game for free, and don’t offer a purchase button or tell people who made the clothes, that can be kinda rude.

if you’re making a mannequin/dummy of your charater, though, artists don’t really care whether or not you ask permission. you bought their clothes. they’re meant to be worn.

Thank you very much, sir. It helped me a lot.