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Hi there,

I have just expanded on my plugin I made about 9 months ago, called Canary Notepad.

Right now, I have implemented multiple saves, and deleting those saves.


This is a notepad plugin as said in the title. You can currently save your notes to multiple save slots, delete your notes, and load them any time. It also is compatible for dark mode and LIGHT MODE and has studio-matching UI.



If you were wondering why it asks you to give script injection permissions, I have no idea why it does this. I am planning to fix this issue in the next update though.

Anyways, here is the plugin:

Get it on Roblox

Once you install, you will be at the viewing page. Press ‘Create New Note’

Now you may write whatever it is you need in it. To save it, press the save button on the topbar, then enter the name you want to save it as.

Upon unfocusing the textbox, you will be brought back to the viewing screen.
You can open the note you just saved, delete by pressing the trash can, or create another new note.

You may overwrite your saves by saving the note as the same name as a save that already exists.

Keep in mind your notes will not save automatically, if you do not save and press load to go back to the viewing screen, your progress will be lost.

Anyways, thanks for viewing! I would love some feedback.


Could you provide some pictures?

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I will, though I will be heading to bed so tomorrow when I can.

Alright, added some images. The light ui is the same with different colors.

There are plently of softwares, including the default notepad app, which already do this. What is the purpose of this plugin?

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Not trying to be rude to the developer, but something I want to add to this is that the default notepad app is better since it can be used offline without even opening the studio. But with this, it’s just another plugin in studio and I can’t even use it till I open studio. People who use VSC to code, just find it useless.

Please don’t take this post harshly, but instead of creating plugins that are just replication of something that already exists and not making it better, try to make something that actually is a creative idea like making this into an application that in some way connects with roblox studio or something like that. Obviously, there are people that find this useful too.

Hopefully you understand.


Yes but no, sure the default notepad is great, but it is just that, default boring notepad, an external, not integrated with studio app.

This is still possibly a vastly useful plugin in the sense that it actually is integrated in to studio, this could allow for sharing notes with teams (team create) without ever leaving studio, for example.
Another example, it could let you store useful implementation details inside the actual game. (All potential)

And while your point about VSC is valid, not everyone uses it, definitely not by a long shot, so that isn’t fair. This is a studio plugin, if VSC mattered here it would be a VSC extension.

Criticism is great, but you should aim to be constructive. For example, if your points were all, well, on point, what could they do instead?

A good plugin doesn’t have to be advanced or special to be useful.

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Okay, but you can just use discord, or even the team create chat in roblox studio.

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I’ve tried the plugin and never got asked for script injection permission so that’s odd.
Anyway, I think the plugin does what it’s meant to nicely, and I love the dark and light mode support.
The only thing I could think of missing is a confirmation dialogue when you try to delete things, I’d totally accidentally do that at some point.

Nothing revolutionary to me but simple is how I like it, I don’t like the swiss army knife approach some plugins take, so I might actually use this. :slight_smile:
The only question I have is how are the notes stored, purely locally in the plugin, or in an instance somewhere?

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Looks like a nice plug-in :slightly_smiling_face: my computer is kinda slow so switching between notepad and other softwares to try to take notes can take time so a plug-in that’s built in like this will save me a lot of time, also my notes will all be in the projects it’s supposed to be in without trying to sort through a notebook, thank you :slight_smile:

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The plugin saves the notes to a dictionary that is local to the plugin using the set setting and get setting apis. The value of the key is the name of the note, and the value is the note saved.

Anyways, I’m glad you find this useful!

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Yeah. My computer is super slow trying to open apps and switching between as well. Mostly the reason I made this, and it’s also just convenient. Thanks!

It’s not just about making notes bout your code, but rather your entire game.

It doesn’t have to be creative, or super advanced. As long as some people find it useful is all that matters. It’s just a note plugin after all.

Anyways, most of your points are valid, but try to give some constructive criticism next time. Instead of arguing why something is useless and bad, tell the creator why and how they should improve.

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  • Added confirmation menu when deleting notes
  • Remade the toolbar, now has icons instead of text buttons
  • Added rich text toggle
  • Fixed UI scaling wrongly
  • Fixed deleted notes not saving after studio is closed
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  • Added confirmation menu when trying to overwrite a save
  • Added toolbar button to insert the time and date into notes
  • Editor textbox will now scroll X and Y to adjust note length accordingly.
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