[Cancelled] Design outfit for game with 124M visits and music artist with 816k+ monthly Spotify listeners

Cutting off submissions for now, thank you all for submitting your portfolio in the initial message you sent, if you got a reply I sent it into Weyes Blood for review.

About Us

I lead Virtual Valley Games with our game Roblox Titanic. Roblox Titanic has accumulated 124 million visits and averages over 3 million visits per month for the past year. Your outfit will be seen by a lot of people.

We are currently doing a 2 month+ event with Weyes Blood. This event has driven press attention

Check out the event for yourself here: Roblox Titanic - Roblox

About The Job

We are looking for a clothing designer to create a specific design for a Weyes Blood outfit.

The design you would be tasked with recreating into Roblox clothing: both a Shirt and a Pants template

A higher res picture will be sent to the clothing designer accepted for the comission.


This is a one time commission. Payment will be $100 in either Robux (28,571) or USD.
Accept or decline with this in stone, however, I am talking with them to allow your clothing to be purchaseable so players can wear the outfit in other games as well.

Much like how I have done this for other clothing designers for the same game.


You can contact me about this commission on the Developer Forum.


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