Candy Public Handbook

Welcome to Candy Bakery. “A taste of pure delight” :cake:

:cake: Greetings, welcome to Candy. The leadership department is delighted you joined us. Candy is a new group on ROBLOX, who strives to be a warm, and welcoming place, where people can escape to. Our savouring treats will ensure to leave an exceptional taste in your mouth!

:pancakes: Founded on the 24/03/2020, we ensure that people are satisfied with our home-made treats. They are made from our bakers who are trained to bring perfection to every pastry, and our cashiers, who ensure people’s orders get through on time.

Rules here at Candy, are important in many ways. Here at Candy, we must ensure people are getting the treatment they deserve, therefore, we have decided to bring in rules for people to follow. Ensure you follow these rules, else a consequence comes with it.

Swearing or cussing, is not allowed in the server, we want to provide a server that ensures people are safe from people who might go out to disrespect them, therefore we must do all we can to stop that from happening.

Advertising is strictly prohibited, in the scenario that someone advertises, you will be possibly banned from our group. Advertising includes DM advertising, blatant server advertising, or asking people to become staff at your group. This is excluding server advertising.

Disrespect is not tolerated here at Candy, we ensure that people are left feeling happy and positive, therefore, if we allow people to be disrespectful, people will not be left feeling with a positive vibe from our group. Therefore, any signs of disrespect will be dealt with immediately.

Homophobia is not tolerated here at Candy, please make sure you respect that people are different, any signs of discrimination due to their sexuality will result in an immediate ban, we do not tolerate this sort of behaviour.

Racism is not tolerated either, if you are racist to anyone here on our server, you will be dealt with immediately. This rule counts under the 4th rule, discrimination. Discriminating someone due to their skin colour, race or ethnicity, is not tolerated.

Nudity & Sexual content is completely unacceptable, if you post any sort of sexual content, you will be reported to discord and permanently removed from our server.

In the event that something happens, we have direct lines where you can contact us. Just want to check out our social links? That’s fine! Just ensure you do not abuse this channel!


Goodbye, thank you for reading this server information channel. We hope you have gained a fuller understanding of what we do here at Candy! Please ensure you read this with your fullest attention, and do not break any of the rules.