Candy Simulator 2 Update Logs

Update 7
• Halloween event removed
• New pet movement system
• Pets can now walk or fly
• Prehistoric world
• New Prehistoric Egg
• 2 New Candies
• Combine all pets button
• Equip best button
• Auto delete (Found in settings, delete by rarity or delete up to 4 pets. Only deletes pets hatched, not pets currently in the inventory.)
• Wanderer (Appears every Saturday from 12 PM CST to 5 PM CST. Carries 3 random boosts and 1 pet)
• Shiny chat notification hatch color is now darker
• Secret hatch notification color changed to orange
• Notifications for bosses and Wanderer
• Boss damage indicators
• Webhook now does not account for luck
• Godly and secret pets hatch instantly as opposed to waiting for the HTTP requests to go through
• Fixed volcano chances (Off slightly)
• Massive optimization

Update 6 Part 4:
• Search bar added to inventory
• Sorting added to inventory
• Pet names added to inventory slots
• Delete all options switched to a dropdown menu
• All UI Text has been switched from combined with the image to Text Labels
• Trade UI now uses Rarity sorting and all animations
• Pet names added to trade pet slots

Update 6 Part 3:
• Shinies are now hatchable!
• Index now sorts eggs in order based on price
• Shinies now have a cool new animation in the inventory and when selected
• Rainbow animation for Legendaries has been added to Godly’s and has been redone
• Boss drops (15% chance for a random boost [15 Minutes] , 0.2% chance for a Mythical Cerberus pet)
• New rarity (Mythical)
• 2 new gamepasses (2x Shiny Chance, 2x Stars)
• 1 new boost (2x Shiny Chance)
• Pets now start facing forward while hatching eggs
• Secret hatch log redesigned
• Eggs now do not open while typing in a text box
• Shiny pets now have “Shiny” in front of their name tag
• Hatch webhook doesn’t account for luck anymore
• Volcano chance fixed (Slightly off)
• Massive optimization
• Godly and secret pets now hatch instantly instead of waiting for the HTTP request to go through
• Egg numbers in webhook now change when hatching triple eggs (For example, if you hatch a godly in the second egg of your triple hatch, your egg counter will reflect that)

Update 6 Part 2:
• Boosts added!
• Home button removed (Made UI buttons uneven and was sort of useless)
• New Codes: Lucky, Boosts
• Bosses balanced
• Golem stats nerfed
• Boss token prices balanced
• Tokens changed to stars (to avoid confusion with Tokens & Boss Tokens)
• Pet rarities changed for some rares
• Index now sorts by rarity
• Eggs now sort by rarity
• Popups with negative numbers now format correctly

Update 6:

• Godly’s are now permanent
• Bosses have been added!
-Press the attack button (Appears at a random position on your screen)
-You will gain boss tokens when the boss is defeated (Participation tokens + damage dealt)
-Spend boss tokens at the boss token shop to acquire buffs.
• Game’s font has been changed to Fredoka One
• UI Layout has been redone to fit the new currency slot
• Egg UI size increased
• Animations added for map changes
• Maps have been revamped
• Spawn has new decorations and has been moved around
• Halloween Event Part 2
-New egg and godly

Update 3:

• New area
• New premium pets
• Achievements (Old stats do not contribute to achievements)
• Old godlys removed.
• Imaginarium Re-Released.
• First hatched new godly pets are a special color and have higher stats. They also have ‘#1’ in front of their name.
• UIs now close when opening a new one.
• Big pets now display properly in the egg preview.
• Pets now rotate in the egg preview.
• New options panel in the inventory.
• Delete All options.
• 2 New Candies.
• 3x sell in new area.
• Index now shows rarities instead of percentages.
• Egg speed/Rebirth Buttons/Candy Multiplier buffs from achievements.
• New codes “1KFavorites” for 5 Tokens, “Update3” for 250 Candy, “Medieval” for 250 Candy.

Some update logs are missing because they were either before this post was created or I was not here to make the log.

Game: Candy Champions - Roblox

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