Cannot Access Bug Report Wizard in Firefox/Edge

When attempting to access the #bug-reports report wizard I am unable to view the page, it simply appears as a blank screen, and due to new posts being disabled in the topic, I cannot create any bug reports there. This occurs on at least Edge (The Chromium version) & Firefox (Both with no extensions, and tracking protection off). I have not tried other browsers. Additionally, though it’s very unlikely this is the cause since Chromium/Gecko are fully cross-platform, I am on Linux (Kubuntu 21.04).

This started happening recently, I am unsure of exactly when because I haven’t been using the Bug Report wizard.

The following error is reported in the console on Edge:

In a Guest profile (no extensions):

This different error is reported on Firefox:

In all cases above I have AdBlock and tracking protection turned off.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Open up the Bug Report Wizard on Firefox or Microsoft Edge
  2. The screen will be blank, and an error is present in the DevConsole
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I am able to reproduce this on Firefox version 91.0.2

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I’m also able to reproduce on Windows 11, Firefox 91.0.2

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This was fixed last night. Let us know if you still see this occurring. Apologies for the inconvenience.


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