Cannot Add Developer Products or Access Universes

So for 3 of my places,

(all made on the same date 12/2/2013)
I cannot add developer products, or access Universes. Whenever I click on “Configure this Game” on the place’s page, it returns this error page, and the option to add developer products is completely nonexistent on the Configure Place page.

I know I can just forget about these places and create new ones, but one of them is paid access and has been sold around 150 times, so moving this one is out of the question. If it can’t be fixed, is there a way to determine if someone has bought access to a place?

It turns out you can use MarketplaceService to determine if someone has bought access. But this doesn’t completely resolve the problem that a few of my places have broken Game pages.

Have they ever been in the same universe, or no?