Cannot chat in Roblox using the keybind

I cannot use the “Shift + 7” ( “/” ) shortcut to open the new Roblox chat. This makes communication in first person games completely impossible.

I am currently on a PT keyboard language.

Expected behavior

I expect the shortcut to work.


The keybind is set by developers and you should tell us the game link.


This keybind is the default Roblox chat keybind and has been for over a decade. I am sure that the keybind not working is unintentional as the new text chat announcement has posts regarding this functionality that got addressed. (These were bug reports unrelated to this one, but goes to show the keybind exists and is intentional)

This can be reproduced on a baseplate, it is not game specific.


The default chat button is undefined in the new chat ui, it’s up to developers to define it. At least from my experience

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I can switch to TextChatService just fine and it has the slash key as the keybind. It varies across keyboard layouts.

The new TextService-based chat changed the keybind. Instead of being the combination of keys that makes a / character, it’s now the key next to right shift. On the Portugal layout, the new key should be - instead of Shift+7. The message in the in-game chat should also correctly show what key to press.

Here’s an example on my PC, using the Brazil ABNT2 layout, it correctly shows ; as the key to press:

If the label shows the wrong key, can you provide a screenshot and more information about your PC, such as the model number of the keyboard (or the PC model number if it’s a laptop)?


I’m so used to the / key. The new keybind for me is now é which is a bit annoying… Can understand the change though

(On my laptop, / was on the numpad, but on my pc, I had to use shift 3 which messed with tools. I have since rebinded caps lock to / which is nice for opening the chat and for scripting or doing stuff in excel)

This has been working fine since a few days ago. I’m assuming at some point when the weekly Roblox release came out it began to work again.

I forgot to update this post, that’s my bad. :sweat_smile:

No worries on this bug report, it’s pretty much fixed.


it is still an issue to this day

Can you please provide a screenshot and information about what keyboard you use? There is no way to investigate it without this information, as it doesn’t happen on most keyboards.

Sorry for the late response, I’ve just seen the message!
I’m using an italian keyboard, and I experience this issue on all games with the new chat system whereas the old ones work fine
I used to click the orange / key, however since the update only the green ù key works
I verified that, both in my games and other developers’ games, the issue persists even if KeyboardKeyCode in ChatInputBarConfiguration is set to /

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hello? have you got any news regarding this behaviour?