Cannot create a variable to modify the default sounds located in HumanoidRootPart

It appears that we can’t change/create variables for the default animations sounds located in the humanoid root part using scripts. Prior to the update, the server was able to find and modify the sounds in the HumanoidRootPart. Now the sounds seemed to have changed to client side only so we cannot edit it the same way as before which breaks our previous scripts. This bug can be replicated in every single game in studio when play testing.

This bug prevents us from using the server side to create variables for any of the default sounds located in HumanoidRootPart in characters. Sounds such as “Climbing”, “Died”, “FreeFalling” ect. When trying to modify these sounds, using variables like HumanoidRootPart.Climbing:Destroy() the output will give us the error message, (“Climbing is not a valid member of Part”).

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