Cannot Download From Version history

I cannot download previous versions, only restore them, I want to download them.

Clicking restore saves it to the live copy, which is not what I want. I want to download a local copy.


You can download the current then restore and download that. Then you will still have the current progress and the old one. It complicated but Roblox doesn’t have a button for that yet.

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roblox before the new ui update did have a download feature, idk why they didnt just port or add it…

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yeah i really hope they fix this because the workaround is annoying and i dont feel like using it.

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I agree roblox if you’re seeing this PLEASE fix it.


yeah it sucks, doesn’t even work anyway, can’t get it to an older version i think it has to do with team create or something (edit, website system still broken but yeah you can download old versions in my post below)

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just found a solution, if you go to the game in studio > game settings > places > click on the 3 dots to the right > then you can select a version and download it

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you restore the one what you want and open on studio and then save the file

wonder how many bumps itll take for someone notable to get this fixed by making a bug report :skull:

now it has a download button but it infinitively loads, powering imagination

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Never doubt the great minds behind roblox, I’m sure it’ll be up and working within 2-3 business months.

Noo they have to work on suing ruben sim first!!

thread bump! moderator please see this

It was missing originally when they revamped the pages, I believe they added it back for a short amount of time, then removed it again. (i was able to download games during that time) still, it’s missing.

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yeah its getting oretty ridiculous

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Someone I know had the download button a few days ago and now the download button’s gone. Extremely inconvenient timing since I just found a building mistake in my game and I need to get a past version of the game to fix it.


Suddenly, game downloads is working for me now. I have a plugin that seemed to be affecting it if it’s there or not. Not sure what’s going on.

edit: after 4 downloads or so, it’s just stuck buffering/ on the loading icon

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