Cannot enable or configure localization for my games anymore

When I go to Studio > Game Settings > Localization and try to enable any language and press Save, I get a “Could not save game settings” error window.

The output window in Studio also prints this
"Failed builtin_GameSettings.rbxm.GameSettings.Pages.LocalizationPage.Controllers.LocalizationPageController:219: HttpResponse = { responseTimeMs : 3397.5162506103516, responseCode : 429, responseBody : { errors : table: 0xef5d046da0139c35 }, requestOptions : { Headers : table: 0xf4c3a01ba047e815, Url :, Method : PATCH, Body : true } } "

Expected behavior

I expect being able to turn on Auto Localization for my game. This worked last week.

I have also tried to do this from the website Configure Experience > Localization. I am able to “Turn on Auto Translation > Experience Information”. But when I try to “Turn on Auto Translation > Experience Strings & Products”, I get a “Unable to load auto translation status” message and there’s an infinite spinning/loading circle next to “Experience Strings & Products” where it should say “Experience Strings & Products: On”

Thanks for the report! We’ll investigate and follow up with updates.

Hey @SirMing - thanks for your report! This issue should now be resolved. Please let us know if you run into any further problems.

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