Cannot export OBJ to paths containing extended ASCII or higher characters

Trying to export anything as OBJ to a file path that contains extended ASCII or higher unicode characters will fail. This happens for characters like Ç or higher.

Studio will continue to hold onto the target folder after failing (you cannot rename or modify the folder) until closed, and a dead zero-byte file will mysteriously appear under Windows Quick Access.

My laptop only supports the Russian language.

This bug occurs every time. I tried exporting it multiple times. It still won’t work.

To reproduce:

  • Create a folder on your desktop called Ç
  • In Studio, go to File > Advanced > Export as OBJ and export to that folder
  • Note that nothing has been created in that folder
  • Note that attempting to rename the folder fails. Studio seems to be hogging the file handle until Studio is closed.
  • Note that Windows Quick Access refers to the file you just tried to create, but it does not exist where Windows says it exists, and its properties window looks like below. The file is zero bytes, and is missing all metadata.

Here’s the place’s file I tested with:

Thanks for reporting the bug. Working on it.

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