Cannot Get DockWidgetPluginGuiInfo Property Values

Long story short, I need to get the FloatingXSize property from a DockWidgetPuginGuiInfo object.

When I try to run the code below,

local Info =

local DefaultWidth = Info.FloatingXSize

I run into an error at line 11 (local DefaultWidth = Info.FloatingXSize).


Both the autocomplete and documentation point to this being possible, yet, for some reason, it isn’t.

I’ve already tried to see if FloatingXSize can be assigned to a DockWidgetPuginGuiInfo object to check if that’s what the autocomplete thinks i’m trying to do, but I get another error.

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If you read the documentation it doesn’t show “FloatingXSize”
Try: Info.floatXSize

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Unfortunately, this does not work either.


Not sure if you are still having this issue but one way to work around this is by creating a frame inside of the widget with the UDim2 size of (1,0,1,0) and just getting the AbsoluteSize of that instead.
Widgets have a AbsoluteSize property so many try that as well.

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I gave up on trying and made my own module for constructing widgets which gave me more control over what I could access/do.

I initially looked into getting the AbsoluteSize of the Widget or Frame parented to the Widget, but due to my widget’s default Enabled state of false, it would not work. When a Widget is first created, its AbsoluteSize property remains 0, 0 until it is enabled. I always set the scaling of the background frame to 1, 0, 1, 0 so my UI scales nicely but it also means the frame’s AbsoluteSize will also be 0, 0.