Cannot grab/drag ArcHandle or Handle adornments using Meta Quest 3 VR Headset

ArcHandles and Handles do not work correctly on Meta Quest 3 VR. The small squares that accompany the adornment floats to odd positions as you move your head. And the light beam from the right-hand controller does not connect with the adornment (not without a great deal of luck). I found that if I hold my headset level, looking at the horizon straight ahead, and move the light beam slowly, I can sometimes get it to highlight the arrow and grab it. But the beam is not pointing at any logical place.
Use a Meta Quest 3 VR Headset in my public game: Studio Lite - Roblox
Close the splash screen and select the SpawnLocation, then select any of the Move/Scale/Rotate tools (gui buttons) at the top of the screen. Colored arrows/circles will appear on the SpawnLocation. Other devices (mobile, Windows, Xbox) have no trouble grabbing and dragging the colored arrows/circles.

Expected behavior

While in an experience, the ArcHandle instance adorns a part with colorful circles and balls that you can drag to rotate a part, similar to the Rotate tool in Studio. The Handle instance shows arrows that can be dragged to let the player position a part or model. These handles work fine on these devices (mobile, Windows, Xbox – virtual cursor). But they do not work correctly on the Meta Quest 3 VR Headset.

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Thanks for the report! I filed a ticket in our internal database.

Additional Info: This error may be related. It only happens when using VR:
Model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame() failed because no PrimaryPart has been set, or the PrimaryPart no longer exists. Please set Model.PrimaryPart before using this.
|Script 'CoreGui.RobloxGui.Modules.VR.Controllers.TouchController', Line 196 - function setCFrameAndScale Script 'CoreGui.RobloxGui.Modules.VR.VRControllerModel', Line 170 - function update Script 'CoreGui.RobloxGui.Modules.VR.VRHub', Line 105 - function onRenderSteppedLast|