Cannot Insert a Model from My Models

When going to insert a model that is in My Models, if the model is Off Sale, sometimes it tells me I am not able to insert it.
(Example Model: Thebackyard - Roblox)

I only have UGC Bodies & Heads / Upgrade Shorelines Betas turned on.

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Hi there, thanks for reporting this - are you finding that you are consistently unable to insert models from other creators that are now offsale, or is this only happening intermittently for such models?

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It comes and goes.
If I re-open studio, it will generally be fixed for the particular asset I was having trouble with.

It’s not happening for every model I try, but it’s happening about once a day at minimum, some days 3-4 times.

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Thanks, are there any assets it’s happening for moreso than others? I haven’t been able to reproduce it with my own assets and alt accounts so far.


The correlation seems to be when I try to insert something very soon after opening studio / inserting something that is not for sale.

I sometimes have that problem too. But only on big things, so i would say that model might lot of things inside of it

ignore my english i am actually polish

or maybe make it youur self or just copy it on a game that you will even not finish