Cannot join games via Browser (needs moving to bug reports)

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I am trying to join games via my browser but I get the error “An Error occurred trying to launch the experience. Please Try Again Later.”

I am unable to join any games via the browser

I have tried logging out and back in, reinstalling, tried a different browser, resetting my router even used different router.

I am currently using FireFox.

The ony thing that I can find that might be causing this is this error in the browser console.

The only thing that I can think of possibly causing this is my internet being too slow but it’s been weeks since this has started happening.

I am also having this issue and the only solution I have found was to use the Roblox app through the Microsoft Store.

This also happens to me, it started happening after some recent roblox updates and the microsoft app version is soooo bad, its barely playable. I’ve tried every single solution that I could find, none of them worked.

The xbox app doesn’t work right now either, it’s probably just roblox being broken again. (not surprising)