Cannot log in to DevForum website during Roblox Outage

As a developer, It is currently too hard to:

  • Login in DevForum during Roblox outages.

Every developer would not have a problem logging into DevForum but what if a Roblox outage occurs?

You would not be able to login into DevForum during Roblox Outage, as you would have to wait until Roblox is up so you can log in to DevForum and communicate with each other.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because:

  • It would be easier to log into DevForum and communicate with each other during Roblox Outage.

Thanks for reading this :slightly_smiling_face:


The only way to fix this that I can see is making it so you have a separate DevForum account. I don’t really want that. Plus, this sort of event was completely unprecedented, and the next time an outage that long occurs again is likely to be several years from now.


Outages are usually limited to a certain partition of services and you would still be able to log into the forum to report these issues and use the forum otherwise. Unfortunately, in this rare case, the entire service fleet of Roblox was not accessible, including the identity providing services that the forum uses.

The forum does run on a separate deployment of services, and forum cookies are long-lived, so existing forum sessions should continue to work and keep you logged in during an outage. At this time it is unfortunately not feasible for us to deploy the identity providing services in such a way that they are completely separated from the rest of our architecture.

Please refer to official communication on what we are doing in response to this outage to avoid issues like this in the future: