Cannot make experiences private while also having them visible

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to restrict access to my experience while also having it visible on my experiences pages (profile and group) so that those with access to my experience can easily see and play it without me having to go the mile to hunt down who needs a link to it. I want to use permissions in Game Settings to control access to my experience but the permissions only work when an experience is private and private experiences also get unlisted.

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience because I would not need to unnecessarily use valuable, unreliable or unviewed spaces to make my experience known for those who have access (e.g. third party platform, group wall/shout/description, profile description). I want to be able to let people see the experience but only allow access to a small set of users.

I should not be forced to use a private access group to simulate this. I can create a group and restrict it to only testers and developers but a lot of assets still lack a sharing feature and it’s not fair to me as a developer to be forced to spend 100R$ for lack of a better way to get this done or to require people to join another group. It’s not intuitive or efficient.

Please divorce privacy from listing.


As the Creator Dashboard is now the default for managing experiences on Roblox, I’ve lost the ability to control listing even for experiences on my profile (whether because it was a native feature or because a plugin was able to give me that feature). I originally only could not do this for groups. In light of this, I’ve changed the feature request to a generalised request to divorce experience access from listing.


Privacy being semi-linked to visibility is really inconsistent across the board for literally zero reason.

Private games WILL display on favorites in profiles (for things like making stack art or combo messages for example) but WON’T display on favorites on the homepage - Probably intentional for functionalities sake, but worth noting.
They can be displayed on Profiles as well, completely seperate from privacy settings, again probably intentional for functionality but still seems odd this sort of choice is so limited.

Private games can also be displayed on the homepage manual sorts despite them being, well, private (I forget exactly which game it was but I distinctly remember one of the games on the manual sorts was sitting there on zero players for a good few weeks because it was private)

Hiding games is very clearly possible to do seperately from making games private, at least on the back end (see: the many bug reports on games being shadowbanned and in turn not showing up in faves or continue playing, as well as games that get put under review sometimes still showing up and sometimes not depending on what made them get put under review) so I have no idea why Roblox can’t make this an easily accessible option

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The toggle to list games via the Develop page was a BTRoblox extension feature. The official way to do it is to click the 3 dots on your game’s details page and choose “Add to Profile”. You can do this with models and 2D clothing too.

It’s better to just manually add games than to rely on the automatic behavior that displays all of your public games, because with this way you actually have control over the order that they appear on your profile, and they won’t disappear if you make them private.

Note that, for whatever reason, there’s a hard limit of 42 games you can manually add to your profile using this method.


Wow, that is mighty unintuitive. Thanks for pointing out Add to Profile, I see it now. Present as it may be though, it’s unnecessarily difficult to find (I would expect it to be easily manageable from the Creator Dashboard) and it unfortunately, of course, wouldn’t cut it for groups.

Divorcing listing from public/private access on experiences for both profiles and groups is ultimately still the goal point I want Roblox on for the sake of convenience and improving the experience for special groups of players I designate.

I’ve never relied nor wanted to rely on the unified behaviour. I would hope this sentiment is shared especially for developers who primarily develop in groups and will continue to champion this request for as long as it’s clear that there’s a major push for group experiences being canonical for projects moreso than profiles (even though the latter will never go away, the former is obviously more preferred in a vast majority of cases such that it warrants close attention internally).