Cannot message the Post Approval group

As I want to reply to a topic in a restricted category, I need the reply to go through PA. Unlike making new posts, replies need to be manually messaged to PA to review. However, I don’t seem to be able to message PA about my reply, as there’s no “message” button on there anymore.
I am on the mobile version of the DevForum.

For now, you can try messaging them individually.


I made this kinda post before, I heard they disabled it due to a overflow.

AFAIK you can just hit create topic and it will be automatically redirected to PAs if you need to get it approved.

He meant replies, not topics.

But to answer your question @Ondrashek06, I believe that they disabled it due to the backlog being filled up quicker than before, but also because just recently, the availability to create topics in the #discussion category got restricted to Regular+, and I believe since they did it, you can’t either reply to topics in that category (such as Discussion and Feature Requests).

That’s probably why they disabled it for now.

You should see the create topic button. Creating a topic in a restricted category will cause it to be sent to the PA inbox.

The message button was likely disabled to stop spam messages which aren’t for PA’s concern.

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Please do not send us individual messages requesting we process replies to topics. This was disabled due to workload. Unfortunately you will have to wait until you are a Regular to reply to restricted categories for the time being.