Cannot move character with certain avatar packages / animations

Most game I play, with my current outfit selected, I can’t move around in some situations or even on angled surfaces.

I have the Levitation Animation loaded as well. The types of things that will happen are things such as sliding around as if I’m on ice or having a “lag” effect, and sliding down angled surfaces as if the surface had a strong velocity.

I’m not sure what is causing this however I’d like to know how to fix it. I don’t have any recording software so showing a video of it is not possible.

The korblox deathspeaker package’s legs are known to cause annoying collision issues with R15.

This is not a critical issue. Just a very old, very annoying one. Please update your title and read the guidelines for reporting bugs, it includes information on when an issue is critical.

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The legs never caused me issues in the past and even if it is an old issue, it needs to be fixed. I paid 17k for the package years ago and I expect my gameplay to not be affected by “poor physics bugs”.

I don’t disagree that it should be fixed. It is very much overdue for a fix and how long it’s been is frankly unacceptable for the package’s pricetag.

Not critical though.

It may not be critical, my mistake. I want to make sure this is fixed because this is seriously important.

Please don’t tag Developer Relations staff members or engineers that are not currently participating in the thread. They will see the thread when they visit the forum and decide whether it’s important.

From the looks of it this is not that important because it is limited to the package you describe. Could you edit your first post here and add some links to the items that break movement for you?


Yes, please provide links for the parts and animations that are causing you issues. Additionally, if you could provide a simple place without scripts that demonstrates the issues you are having that would be very helpful in helping use to track down and fix the issue.

I cannot replicate the issue in my own game, however if you join, you’ll notice the wedge on the right. The effect you get when you step onto that block is the same effect I get when I step on any wedge or “invisible wall” thing, in other games. As well as “blockage” when I attempt to move right or left from stationary.

They charge so much for the package yet don’t make it compatible for games. They have also done this with gears, not all gears are compatible yet with Filtering Enabled.

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Really? That’s appalling.

The problem with the package you are wearing has to do wit ha bug on how I calculate the collision geometry for one of the body parts. I had a fix shipped that I tried to enable 2 days ago but it caused server issues. I’m currently investigating and trying to get this addressed ASAP.

Basically this package has a part that is almost nonexistent. Something in collision geometry code was scaling it too large due to a bug. This problem also persists on any other package where one of the parts is so small its non-existent.

TLDR: Working on a fix. Tried to ship one but it broke things, working on a follow-up right now. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Thank you, good to hear it’s being worked on.


Found the problem to my original fix. Trying to fast track it for next week’s release.


Awesome stuff! Thanks :slight_smile:

I have just been in a game with my gears and about 90% of them don’t work. This is super terrible and I expect better to be honest. It sucks that I have to point this stuff out.

The collision box for the character model should have now been resolved.

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