Cannot navigate StarterGui in Explorer via Cursor Keys

Since the update 2 weeks ago, you can no longer use the cursor keys to navigate through objects nested inside the StarterGui class. Using the cursor keys while inside the class simply bypasses though into the game window (Moving the camera in studio/server view and moving the player/rotating the camera in client view).

Clicking on an already selected object inside StarterGui allows for a single navigation via cursor keys before becoming bugged again.

This bug applies in studio view, F5 client view, F7 client view and F7 server view. This bug does not apply to F5 server view.

Cursor key navigation remains unchanged for the other classes.

Normal Navigation

Navigation Inside StarterGui
First input is recognised as StarterGui was already selected, but then future inputs are bypassed through to the camera.


This issue should be fixed now. If you see this issue again feel free to open a new topic.

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