Cannot Open Multiple Studios

I hope I chose the correct category for this!

Back in the day (like a month ago last I checked) you used to be able to have multiple Roblox Studio pages open at a time. I do this to copy and paste items from my old games over to my new ones instead of creating models. It also makes the process quicker.

When I open another studio page, it closes the old one. I’m not sure if I was the only person that relied on this feature but being the weirdo I am, it was useful. Is there any way we can get this back? Thanks c:

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(I know this is old, but I tested to see if it was happening for me)

Yesterday I had 3 Studio Pages opened at once and copying files between them and it worked fine.

Is this fixed or is it just happening to select players?

I’ve never seen this issue occur in the past year. Needs repro steps and a better compliance with Steps to Report a Bug: